Ross Jaguar GY 494

Ross Jaguar Built 1957 Cochrane & Sons Selby for Derwent Trawlers Ltd Grimsby
01/1959 Registered to Ross Trawlers Grimsby 
10/1959 Transferred to Yorkshire Trawlers Ltd Grimsby 
04/1962 Registered to George Frederick Sleight Grimsby 
11/1969 Registered to British United Trawlers (BUT) Grimsby 
03/1979 Registered to George Frederick Sleight Grimsby 
08/1985 Sold to Cam Shipping as an Oil Rig Support Vessel renamed Cam Jaguar

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Her Details are

  • Official Number 181394
  • Yard Number 1424 
  • GT 355 NT 127 
  • Dimenions 127.5 x 26.5 x 13 
  • Quarter deck 67 Foc’sle 24 
  • Engines 6-cylinder 875hp Ruston 

Bought by Ron and Helen Devereux and converted to a three masted sailing schooner

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