Balthazar GY 213

Balthazar Built 20/11/1940 by Cook Welton and Gemmell for the Admiralty as a Hills Class T 219
Originally named Butser
02/1952 changed to Royal Marine until 03/1960
10/04/1946 Sold to Devon Steam Fishing Co ltd Hull Renamed Balthazar H 359
11/01/1952 sold to Loyal Steam Fishing Co Grimsby Renamed Royal Marine GY 213
11/04/1960 sold to Wyre trawlers Fleetwood FD 63
25/07/1963 vessel abandoned south of the Mull of Galloway after a fire in the Stoke hold 
On being towed back to Fleetwood the Royal Marine was found to be damaged beyond repair and laid up
1963 sold to scrap to west of Scotland  Shipbreaking Co

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 181282
  • Yard number 683
  • GT 510 NT 160
  • Dimensions 166.3 x 28
  • Engines by CD Holmes 970 IHP 11 knots 

22/10/1963 left Fleetwood for Troon for breaking up