Earl Essex GY 48

Earl Essex built 1914 Cook Welton & Gemmell Beverley for Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
08/1914 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper
1920 Returned to commercial fishing 
02/11/1915 Sold to Harold Croft Baker Grimsby
08/01/1923 Bought by the Strand Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby 
06/02/1937 Sold to Sir Thomas Robinson & Sons Ltd Grimsby 
11/1939 Requisitioned as a minesweeper
1946 Returned to commercial fishing 
24/04/1946 Sank in the North Sea when a mine that had been trawled up exploded
The trawler Vera Grace FD 211 which was fishing near by had seen the explosion picked up one survivor
Ten crew were lost

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRank Boat
JACKSONALLEN REGINALD4124/04/1946Deck Hand Earl Essex 
BENNETTSTANLEY4524/04/1946Second Engineer Earl Essex 
GORDONJOHN JAMES4424/04/1946Chief Engineer Earl Essex 
LINECYRIL HENRY4524/04/1946Cook Earl Essex 
TREACHERALBERT EDWARD5024/04/1946Skipper Earl Essex 
BENNETTWILFRED DUDLEY3824/04/1946Spare Hand Earl Essex 
TILLINGJOSEPH W. W.3824/04/1946Third Hand Earl Essex 
WATSONARTHUR4124/04/1946Deck Hand Earl Essex 
GEORGEDONALD ROBERT2524/04/1946Trimmer Earl Essex 

Her details are 

  • Official Number 136002
  • Yard Number 290
  • Admiralty Number FY 292 FY 852
  • Armament 1-12pdr
  • GT 225 NT 112
  • Dimensions 117 x 22 x 12.7
  • Quarter Deck 61 
  • Engines Amos & Smith 68 NHP 9½ knots

24/04/1946 Foundered as a result of an explosion in the North sea probably a mine