Rado GY 1272

Rado built 24/07/1903 Cook Welton & Gemmel Hull for G F Sleights
04/10/1916 the Rado was on a return fishing trip from Grimsby G W Thomas skipper when the Imperial German Submarine UB 19 under the command of Walter Gustav Becker stopped her. 
The crew were ordered to abandon ship the vessel was then sunk by Time Bombs placed below her decks.
She sank 15 miles NExE of the Spurn Head LV with no reported casualties
30/11/1916  the U Boat was lost in the English Channel with 8 of her crew by gun fire from the decoy vessel Penhurst 

Her details are 

  • Official No 113246
  • Yard Number 352
  • 182 GT 55 NT
  • Dimensions 105 x 21 x 11
  • Quarter Deck 46 Foc’sle 18
  • Engines by C D Holmes 55 NHP 9.5 Knots

04/10/1916 Sunk by U Boat 15 miles N E by E of Spurn Light Vessel