Ajax GY 18

Ajax built 14/02/1896 by Cochrane Cooper & Schofield Beverly for W Grant 
Registered 02/1896 GY 18
03/09/14 The Vessel was presumed mined approx 29 miles E by N of Spurn 
All 9 hands lost
Grimsby Telegraph 03/09/1914 Reports
The Ajax sailed from Grimsby on the a.m. tide Wednesday 26/08/1914
Thursday 03/09/1914 Skipper H. Baker, of the trawler Cygnus which arrived in dock Wednesday night, reported having picked up, at eleven o’clock yesterday morning, on the way to Grimsby, a buoy belonging to the Ajax
This was about 29 miles E. 3/4 N. of Spurn. There was also floating on the surface of the water a piece of wreckage which had apparently formed part of the life-boat, together pound boards and dead fish, mostly cod.
The trawler Gardenia which was outward bound, also passed the spot, and picked up another life-buoy carried by the Ajax
Ship presumed mined, given up as lost with all nine hands

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankUnit
GRANTALFRED2502/09/1914Third HandAjax
PETTMAN5002/09/1914First EngineerAjax
ELTON3002/09/1914Fourth HandAjax
COLEMAN4002/09/1914Second HandAjax   
NAYLOR2102/09/1914Fourth HandAjax
BACON2802/09/1914Second EngineerAjax

Her details are 

  • Official number 105541
  • Yard Number 147
  • GT 123 NT 33
  • 40 Horsepower
  • Dimensions 89.4′ x 20.1′ x 10.8′ 
  • Quarterdeck 17 feet
  • Engines C D Holmes 40 rhp 3 cyl 10.0 Knots

Sank after hitting a mine in the Humber estuary on Wednesday 02/09/1914