Akranes GY 155

Akranes Built 07/09/1929 Cochrane & Sons for Consolidated Fisheries Ltd, Grimsby
11/1929 Registered
08/1939 Requisitioned by the Admiralty as a minesweeper. 
Joined the 40th Minesweeper Group based at Grimsby.
04/07/1941 Lost Foundered following attack by German aircraft in Bridlington bay.
She had been made command vessel of a group of three mine sweeping trawlers, employed in sweeping the channel between Flamborough Head and Sheringham.
The trawler was at anchor off Danes Dyke, south of Flamborough Head at night, with the trawlers Sandringham and Almandine, following the days mine sweeping work.
The Almandine was guard ship for the night, shortly after midnight a German aircraft approached very low, the gunners on the Almandine assumed it to be an allied plane returning from a raid.
The plane dropped two bombs, neither of which exploded, but cannon fire ripped through the deck of the Akranes and caused her to sink, leaving her wheelhouse and forecastle awash.
The crew escaped in their own lifeboat.

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRankBoat
BAINWilliam S R3112/07/1941StokerAkranes

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 160979
  • Yard Number 1060
  • Admiralty Number FY 513
  • Call Sign GMJX
  • GT 358 NT 153
  • Dimensions 140.4 x 25 x 13.2
  • Quarter Deck 78 Foc’sle 22
  • Engines by CD Holmes & Co Triple expansion 13½, 24, 39 x 27in 103 HP 1 single ended boiler, 200lb pressure

04/07/1941 Sunk by Aircraft Bridlington Bay whilst in Admiralty Service