Andanes GY 53

The Andanes was built by Cochranes of Selby 02/1950 owned by Rinovia Steam Fishing 
05/1950 went to Andanes Steam Fishing 
1960 Acquired by the Ross Group when the Andanes Steam Fishing Co became a subsidiary
08/1961 Renamed Ross Fighter GY 53
1966 converted to a Motor Trawler
05/1966 Renamed Ross Ramillies GY 53
10/1966 sold to Ross Trawlers
05/1950 Registered to Andanes Steam Fishing Co a subsidiary of Rinovia 
08/05/1976 The Ross Ramillies nearly became the victim of a new Icelandic tactic in the Cod War when the ICV Odinn tried to force a protecting naval frigate the Ghurkha into a collision with her.
This was the fifth collision between gun- boats and Royal Navy frigates within 24 hours

Andanes GY 53


Her Details are 

  • Official number 182643
  • Yard Number 1352
  • GT 724 NT 254
  • Dimensions 182.3 x 31.2 x 15.2
  • Quarter Deck 94′ Foc’sle 32′

Scrapped 10/1979