Arthur & Fanny GY 880

Arthur & Fanny built by Smith, Stevenson & Vere Grimsby 1883 for T Sleight & Wm Grant
Registered 02/1883
She was sold to the Danes 02/1899
Registered on 23/02/1899 as ÍS 29
In Ísafjordur, Iceland, as property of Leonard Tang,
1907 the firm was restyled Leonard Tang & sön. The company was wound up during WW1, as Britain used its domination at sea to sever commercial links between Iceland and Denmark.
The Isafjordur branch was sold off in 1918, and the ship vanishes from the records until 1926, when it was registered in Reykjavík as RE 259, but the property of “Djupbaturinn hf” Isafjordur, a company that maintained a post-and-transport boat in the vicinity of Isafjordur.
The Arthur & Fanny had presumably been used as transport during the time it vanished from the fishery records.
1929 the registration is transferred to Isafjordur (ÍS 499).
1936 ownership passed to the local bank (Utvegsbanki Íslands) .
The boat got a new engine in 1939, a 110 hp June Munktell. (Previous engine a 48 hp Tuxham, of unknown age.) 3/8/1940 sold to Kristjan Tryggvason, Akureyri, Iceland, registerd EA 658.
The boat had returned to fishing. 6/6/1941 sold to Oskar Halldorsson Gardur, Gullbringusysla, Iceland, renamed Arthur GK 374.
14/3/1945 sold to Hf. Milly, Siglufjördur, Iceland, renamed Milly SI 81.
3/8/1958, the boat was sold to Gunnar Halldorsson Hf, Raufarhöfn Iceland, and Leifur Zakaríasson, Reykjavík, and registered at Reykjavík, as Milly RE 39.

Her Details are

  • Official Number 86449
  • 46.42 GT
  • Dimensions 61.5′ x 18′ x 8.5′
  • Crew of 3 men and 2 boys

The information above has been kindly supplied by  Birgir Thorisson, Iceland

Removed from the registry 18/8/1963 as no longer usable. 23/12/1894 Dandy Foundered approx 16 miles N E of spurn Point