Bedfordshire GY 196

Bedfordshire built 17/07/1935 by Smiths dock for Bedfordshire Steam Fishing Co Grimsby Requisitioned 1939 converted to an Anti Submarine vessel 12/1939 joined the A/S 17th Group at Swansea patrolling the Bristol Channel 03/1942 Loaned to the United States Navy, along with her crew, for anti-submarine duties Escorted the damaged AMC Queen of Bermuda from Halifax to New York for repair Loaned to the USA working on Convoy Duties on East coast of USA and CanadaSunk by U-558 off Cape Lookout, North Carolina, on the 11th May 1942. She was struck by two torpedoes and disintegrated  Of the 34 ship’s company just one survived

Her Details are

  • Official Number 164392
  • Yard Number 988
  • Admiralty Number 141
  • Armament 1-4 pdr
  • GT 433 NT 161
  • Quarter Deck 84 Foc’sle 28
  • Dimensions 162 x 27 x 14
  • Engines 99 NHP

11/05/1942 Sunk Off Cape Lookout North Carolina by U 558