Cambridgeshire GY 180

Cambridgeshire Built 02/07/1935 Smiths Dock Co Ltd South Bank Middlesbrough for Cambridgeshire Fishing Co. Ltd  Grimsby
Ten-year-old Margaret Cook performed the launching ceremony. She was the youngest person to ever christen a vessel at the shipyard and was chosen for the honour because her father, Frank Cook was one of the partners and a director of Markham Cook Ltd
05/1939 Requisitioned as an anti-submarine vessel  
1945 Returned to owners
Bought by Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd Hull Renamed Kingston Sapphire and registered as H 206

Her Details are 

  • Official Number: 164391
  • Yard Number 987 
  • Admiralty Number FY 142
  • Armament 1-4pdr
  • GT 443 NT 161 
  • Dimensions 162.3 x 26.7 x 14.4  
  • Quarter deck 84 Foc’sle 32 
  • Engines 99 HP

Scrapped 1954