Devonshire GY 766

Devonshire Built 1898 Cochrane & Cooper Beverley for North Lincolnshire Steam Fishing Co. Ltd Grimsby
24/09/21916 Devonshire was on a fishing voyage when she was stopped by a German submarine U57. The crew where told to take to their boats and the trawler sunk by gunfire.
She was one of 19 trawlers to be captured by a German submarine and sunk while fishing off the Yorkshire coast
U-57 was responsible for at least 16 of the trawlers sank

Her Details are

  • Official Number 109802
  • Yard Number 199 
  • GT 148 NT 51 
  • Dimensions 97.4 x 20.6 x 11 
  • Quarter deck 18 
  • Engines C D Holmes 40rhp 3 cyl 10.0 Knots

24/09/1916 Sunk by U Boat 33 miles N E 1/2 N of Spurn Light Vessel