Elmira GY 969

Elmira built 1914 Smiths Dock Co Ltd South Bank Middlesbrough for Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Grimsby
03/1915 Served with the Admiralty as a minesweeper 
Returned 1919
09/1927 Registered to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd Sunk by bombs from German aircraft off the Shetlands in position 59 55’N 03 40’W 
The trawler broke in two and sank 
Of the 11-man crew there was only one survivor

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRankBoat
WEIRWILLIAM5223/03/1941Steward Elmira 
CHELLISCHARLES5023/03/1941Third Hand Elmira 
WILDETHOMAS ALFRED4123/03/1941Deck Hand Elmira 
HARPERROBERT JAMES4123/03/1941Skipper Elmira 
SAMPSONABE DAVIS3823/03/1941Mate Elmira 
DANNJAMES EDWARD4223/03/1941Deck Hand Elmira 
THOMPSONWILLIAM HEATON4323/03/1941Deck Hand Elmira 
St PIERREWALTER4223/03/1941Deck Hand Elmira 
SMITHJOHN MURDO4323/03/1941Chief Engineer Elmira 
THOMSONWILLIAM FINDLEY3923/03/1941Second Engineer Elmira 

Her Details are 

  • Official number 135994
  • Yard Number 571
  • Admiralty number FY 1603
  • Armament 1-6pdr AA
  • GT 197 NT 76
  • Quarter Deck 67
  • Dimensions 112.5 x 21.5 x 12
  • Engines Triple expansion 11½, 19½, 32 in x 24 in 67 NHP by Smiths Dock

20/03/1941 Sunk by Aircraft 59′ 55′ N 03′ 40′ W whilst on passage from Grimsby to the Faroes fishing grounds