Exeter GY 426

The Exeter was built 10/1897 by Mackie & Thomson of Govan for Hagerup & Doughty
13/10/1897 The Exeter left dock on her maiden trip to join the fleet
04/1906 Sold to Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co
1917 Hired by the Admiralty into the Fishery Reserve
2 of the crew – Ernest Henry Outhouse and William Weldrick, were awarded the Albert Medal, Both of the Naval Reserve Trawler Section
A London based Ketch got into difficulty during a bad storm in the North Sea So the crew of the Exter sent out lines fitted with floats 3 of the crew of the Ketch jumped but only 2 survived
1919 Returned to owners
09/01/1925 went to Lowestoft Registered as LT 139
07/1928 Surveyed at Lowestoft
1929 Sold to Pater Steam Trawling Co of Milford Haven
1937 Sold to T S Yolland & J Yolland of Fleetwood
1937 vessel had been bought by James H Gough 35 Dewsland Street Milford Haven The vessel was still registered at Lowestoft 
29/03/1941 The vessel was on passage from Milford Haven for the fishing grounds whilst on route to the fishing grounds she was attacked by aircraft and bombed 5 miles S West of Ballycotton Ireland 
All 9 Crew was lost

Her Details are

  • Official Number 108482
  • Yard Number 160
  • Call Signs MGPQ,MKGR
  • 165 GT 51 NT
  • Dimensions 104.2 x 21 x 10.7
  • Quarter Deck 17′ Foc’sle 19′
  • Engines 45 HP 3 Cyl by Muir & Houston

Lost 29/03/1941 Bombed and sank by enemy aircraft 5 miles Southwest of Ballycotton