Franc Tireur GY 1041

Franc Tireur built 1916 Cochrane & Sons Selby for Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Grimsby
06/1917 Requisitioned as a minesweeper then escort vessel
1919 Returned 
09/1927 Registered to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd Grimsby 
05/1940 Requisitioned as an auxiliary patrol vessel & minesweeper 
04/1942 Sold to J Bennett 
25/09/1943 Sunk by E-Boat S 96 whilst on Admiralty service Position of the sinking was about 4 cables south of No 52 Buoy North Sea
a Translation of the E Boat report Reads
24.– 30.9.1943
North Sea
Mining company “test piece” of the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th S-Flotilla with 29 boats during the night of September 24/25. before Harwich and Orfordness. 120 mines are thrown. During combat, S 96 (Lt.z. Sander) sinks the British trawler Franctireur, but is rammed by the British ML 145 and has to be abandoned. 3 British engine launches are damaged.

Thanks to Jan Olof of warsailors for the information

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankBoat
EDWARDSERNEST WILLIAMUnknown25/09/1943StokerH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
EVELEIGHMALCOLM SYDNEY2925/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
FARROWCYRIL3525/09/1943Chief EnginemanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
CRAIGROBERT3925/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
FENTONJAMES BROOMFIELD ROBINSON3125/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
BOYDWILLIAM HUNTER4125/09/1943LieutenantH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
BRETTONGEORGE2725/09/1943EnginemanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
ALLENWILLIAM3125/09/1943Leading SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur
McCRORIEHUGHES MCDINES2725/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
MILTONALFRED HORACE3525/09/1943StokerH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
NOBLEJOHN TINLINE3325/09/1943EnginemanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
TYETHOMAS STANLEYUnknown25/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
MOSELEYWILLIAM GEORGE1925/09/1943Stoker 2nd ClassH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
NEWSONJOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN3325/09/1943SeamanH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.
THOMASROY GRETTON2125/09/1943CookH.M. Trawler Franc Tireur.

Her Details are

  • Official Number 139945
  • Yard Number 682
  • Call Sign GNYZ
  • Admiralty Number FY 1270 FY 4.70
  • Armament 1-12pdr
  • GT 314 NT 162
  • Quarter deck 74 Foc’sle 21
  • Dimensions 137 x 24 x 12.8
  • Engines Triple expansion 13, 23, 37 in x 26 in 86 NHP by Cooper & Greig Ltd Dundee

Lost 25/09/1943 Sunk by E-Boat S 96 whilst on Admiralty service