Gambri GY 992

Gambri built 11/1916 by Cook Welton & Gemmell for Grant & Baker Steam Fishing Co
02/1917 went to A Grant
04/1917  Requisitioned as a minesweeper
18/01/1918 English Channel – Chief Skipper George Bee RNR. 
Mined at 1015, laid by UC.71 Ernst Steindorff that day
Sank off Royal Sovereign Light Vessel off Beachy Head near Eastbourne 50.43.23N 00.26.32E 
Skipper, 1 officer and 20 ratings lost

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankBoat
CORSTORPHINE1918/01/1918Trimmer CookH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
SMITHRALPH PHILIPUnknown18/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
LYNCHJAMESUnknown18/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
VICARSFRED4118/01/1918EnginemanH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
BEEGEORGEUnknown18/01/1918Chief SkipperH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
BLANSHARDGEORGE3318/01/1918TrimmerH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
OSBORNETHOMAS HENRYUnknown18/01/1918Deck BoyH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
DAVIESWILLIAM JOHN2818/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
DENNETTROWLAND1818/01/1918Ordinary TelegraphistH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
REESEJOHN2818/01/1918TelegraphistH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
SAYERSALBERT EDWARD4718/01/1918SkipperH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
MORTONHENRY2318/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
ARMSTRONGWILLIAM JAMES AUGUSTUS3318/01/1918TrimmerH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
BLOOMFIELDCHARLES WILLIAM2318/01/1918Ordinary TelegraphistH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
COTTERWILLIAM2818/01/1918EnginemanH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
McNEILRODERICK2418/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
NUNNHARRY GEORGEUnknown18/01/1918Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
ROBERTSONJAMES LEESUnknown18/01/1918Second HandH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
SPEIGHTERNEST2418/01/1918Ordinary SeamanH.M. Trawler “Gambri.”
BERRIGANJOHN THOMAS3218/01/1918SeamanH.M. Trawler “Gambri”.
PRINCEHAROLD HEBER2118/01/1918SeamanH.M. Trawler “Gambri”.

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 139923
  • Yard Number 343
  • Admiralty number FY 1263
  • GT 274 NT 107
  • Armament 1-6pdr
  • Dimensions 123.8 x 22.7 x 12.2
  • Quarter Deck 71′ Foc’sle 19′
  • Engines Charles D. Holmes 79 NHP 10½ knots

18/01/1918 Sunk by mine off Royal Sovereign Light Vessel whilst in Admiralty service