InaWilliam GY 872

Inawilliam built 1913 Cochrane & Sons Selby for Hecla steam Fishing Co 
04/1915 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper and armed patrol sweeper 05/06/1915 Atlantic off SW Ireland – Sub-Lt Nettleingham RNR steaming towards Cahirmore Signal Station few miles west of Berehaven Large submarine came to the surface 1 or 2 miles away on port beam Inawilliam now 11 miles W of Mizen Head headed for the U-boat which fired 4 or 5 rounds then a torpedo which just missed trawler fired back hit her once or twice as she submerged and escaped  30/05/1917 Atlantic off SW Ireland – Skipper Charles Slapp RNR on patrol Mined at 0923 laid by UC 50 Rudolf Seuffer on 21 May sank rapidly off Bull Rock Light off Berehaven Co Cork 51.14N 10.18W Skipper and 11 ratings lost  CARTER, Ernest, Deck Hand CLAYTON, Albert E W, Engineman
DAWN, John H, Trimmer 
DENNEHY, John, Deck Hand 
FAHY, John, Deck Hand 
GARIOCH, John, Engineman
HOGAN, Michael, Trimmer
KELLY, Christopher, Seaman
RITCHIE, James H, Trimmer
RUSSELL, William C, Signalman
SHIMMIN, William H, 2nd Hand
SLAPP, Charles, Ty/Skipper

Her Details are

  • Official Number 134784
  • Yard Number 556
  • Admiralty Number 2658
  • Armament 1-12pdr
  • GT 337 NT 134
  • Dimensions 140 x 24.1 x 12.5
  • Quarter deck 78 Foc’sle 20

30/05/1917 Mined near Bull Light off Berehaven whilst in Admiralty Service