Japan GY 28

JAPAN built 1904 Cochrane & Sons Selby for H L Taylor
08/1914 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper
16/08/1915 North Sea Lt Richard Harcourt RNR in command Harwich-based sailed from Lowestoft sweeping with HMT Touchstone for UC-laid mines
Both vessels clearing sweeps at 19:15, Winch boat Japan heaved in sweep wire and saw it was fouled by a mine laid by UC.6 Matthias Graf von Schmettow only 30yds away by the time the winch-man’s warning had been heard and acted on the mine was only 3-4yds distant
Headway was kept using the trawler’s engines
Mine blew up port-side between bridge and foremast sinking her within 30 sec off S end of Shipwash shoal off Harwich 51.53.28N 01.34.29E5
Ratings killed, two of the bodies were picked up by HMT Lord Roberts and Touchstone and landed at HMS Ganges
Survivors rescued from the water 
MOISEY, Harold, Deck Hand
RICHARDSON, Thomas H, Deck Hand
WESTCOTT, James W, 2nd Hand
WING, Charles H, Deck Hand
WOOLDRIDGE, Thomas, Petty Officer

Her Details are

  • Official Number 118932
  • Yard Number 327
  • Admiralty Number FY 42
  • GT 205 NT 78
  • Quarter deck 58 Foc’sle 19
  • Dimensions 114 x 21.6 x 11.2

16/08/1915 Mined off Shipwash Light vessel whilst in Admiralty Service