Kuvera GY 381

Built originally as John Heath Built 1919 Ouse Shipbuilding Co Ltd Goole as Strath Class Trawler John Heath at launching
05/1919 She was completed as Kuvera having been purchased by F. Pearce 
10/1922 Went to Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Grimsby as GY 381 
09/1927 Registered to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd Grimsby 
11/1936 Sold to Aberdeen owners R. Baxter Registered as A 384 
01/1939 LR Class withdrawn at owner’s request 
07/1940 Requisitioned as Auxiliary Patrol Trawler 4.271 
09/1945 Sold to the Planet Fishing Co Ltd Granton 

Her Details are

  • Official Number: 140790
  • Yard Number 62
  • GT 202 NT 87
  • Dimensions 115.4 x 22.1 x 12.1
  • Engines Triple expansion 12, 20, 34 in x 23 in 75 NHP by Plenty & Sons Ltd Newbury

Sprang a leak and foundered North east of Buchan Ness 26/01/1950 She was in company with the trawler Chiltern at the time that rescued all the crew of thirteen and landed them at Granton