Manorbier Castle GY 1213

Manorbier Castle built 1898 by Edward Bros North Shields
03/1898 Castle Steam Trawlers Co. Ltd London Manager George Hogarth Douglas Birt Registered as LO 164
13/08/1906 Castle Steam Trawlers, South Dock Basin Swansea Manager Crawford Heron registered as SA 25
16/12/1908 John Cairns St Margarets Fife & James William Petersen, Edinburgh Managing owner James William Petersen. 
15/01/1912 Thomas Stephen, 172 Markey St., Aberdeen Managing owner Registered as A 439
10/10/1918 went to Charles Dobson, Fish Docks, Grimsby Managing owner Registered as GY 1213
27/051906 Ran aground at Freshwater West
12/06/1906 Salved by the Rouse family of Hazelbeach Pembrokeshire
06/1915 Requisitioned and converted to a boom defence vessel based at Scapa Flow Orkney then later as a accommodation ship
1920 Returned to owners

Her Details are

  • Official Number 108322
  • Yard Number 565
  • GT 153 NT 53
  • Dimensions 105.5 x 20.8 x 10.9
  • Engines 3-cyl 56 rhp by North East Marine Engineering Co Sunderland

12/1921 Broken up