Manx Hero GY 585

Manx Hero built 1910 for W H Beeley
Originally Named Berian
08/1914 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper
10/03/1915 Dardanelles Campaign – Skipper Edward Bray RNR one of seven trawlers with 3rd Mine sweeping Group accompanied by two Picket Boats, four Escorting Destroyers and supported by Battleship Canopus and Light Cruiser Amethyst taking part in attempt to sweep Kephez minefields in the dark
Instead of sweeping against the strong 3-4kt current the intention was to get above the first line of mines and sweep down
Trawlers reached their position passed sweeps in pairs and started back
Night of 10th/11th – Two mines exploded one of them possibly so close to Manx Hero she sank otherwise she hit a third
Turks opened fire two trawlers hit and damaged by 6in shells all then retired under destroyer cover
No lives lost on Manx Hero crew picked up by HM Trawler Koorah 

Her Details are

  • Official Number
  • Admiralty Number 339
  • GT 221
  • Armament 1-6pdr

Mined 10/03/1915 in the Kephez rhinefield Dardanelles whilst in Admiralty Service