Moravia GY 1180

Moravia Built 17/07/1900 by Cook Welton & Gemmell for Great Grimsby & East Coast Steam Fishing Co
15/12/1913 Sold to Spartan Steam Fishing Co
Renamed Scouter GY 1180
06/09/1915 Went to Lindsey Steam fishing Co Grimsby
07/1915 Requisitioned as a Minesweeper
1919 Returned to owners
1956 Vessel Sold for Scrap to B J Nijkerk SA Antwerp

UC 55 Left Germany under orders to mine the entrance to both Kirkwall and Lerwick harbors .The mines to be laid in equal numbers and at irregular distances but no more than 5 miles from the shore.
The submarine was sighted on the surface by HMS Sylvia – a 213 Ton armed Trawler and HMS Moravia, an armed Patrol Trawler carrying a 6 pdr gun.
The reason for UC 55 to be on the surface at all so close to shore was that she lost trim whilst mine laying and began to sink rapidly bow first going down to 165 feet at which point her hull plating split since she was beyond her diving limit.
The inrush of salt water reached some of her batteries forming Chlorine gas and 1 battery caught fire and she was forced to the surface to recharge her air banks.
The second shell from the Sylvia’s 12 pdr gun hit the conning tower killed her commanding officer and disabled the steering gear.
A 2nd shell struck the hull and she began to sink, after which 2 depth charges were dropped alongside her and blew the enemy ship up.
The Moravia then arrived, put 2 more shots into the wreck and dropped another depth charge. Seventeen officers and men were taken prisoner ten being killed. 
Passage taken from Shipwreck index of the British Isles

Her Details are

  • Official Number 113185
  • Yard Number 263
  • Admiralty Number FY 1600
  • Armament 1-6pdr
  • GT 195 NT 63
  • Dimensions 113.6 x 21.0 x 11.2
  • Quarter deck 49 Foc’sle 19
  • Engines Amos & Smith 55 NHP 10 knots

04/03/1956 Registration Closed on advise Vessel Broken up