Northern Dawn GY 289

Northern Dawn built in 1936 in Germany at Wesermunde by Deutsche Schiffs und Maschinenbau AG Seebeck, for Mac Line Ltd LO 136
She was ordered by Leverhulme Ltd to absorb frozen credits in Germany.
07/1936 Completed and went to Mac Line Ltd of London operating out of Fleetwood
10/1937 Went to Northern Trawlers Ltd London and was transferred to Grimsby
08/1939 Sold to the Admiralty for £33,088 and was converted to an Anti submarine Trawler
1941 she picked up survivors from the lifeboat of the Torpedoed ship SS URLA
1941 she became the first trawler to be fitted with RADAR
03/1942 Loaned to the US Navy
10/1942 Returned and operated in the South Atlantic based at Cape Town.

During her time in the navy she was attached to the 45th Escort Group as well as performing convoy escort duties.
02/1946 she was sold to The Ice Co Ltd Hull.
06/1946 She was Surveyed at Birkenhead before finally being returned to owners.
She was sold to Northern Trawlers Ltd London and was transferred to Grimsby
07/1946 the London registry was closed and was registered at Grimsby as GY 289
1948 the Manager was W A Bennett same owners.
03/1963 She was sold to Clayton & Davie Ltd Gateshead on Tyne for Scrapping and was delivered 27/03/1963.

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Her registry was closed 09/1964 

Her details are

  • Official No 164717
  • Call Sign GYYN
  • Pennant FY 146 
  • GT 655 NT 265
  • Yard No 548
  • Dimensions 188.1′ x 28.1′ x 15.5′
  • Engines 1000hp T 3-cyl & LP turbine 12 knots.
  • Funnel colours  Grey with black top separated by white band.

Scrapped at Gateshead 1964