Northern Sceptre GY 297

The Northern Sceptre was built in 02/1954 and is the same class of trawler as Northern Crown and Northern Jewel 

Being built at Cochrane & Sons of Selby. She was the last Steam Trawler in Grimsby. In tow she left the Harbour for the last time on a 200 mile trip to the Medway for breaking.

She was under the command of Skipper H. Self when she landed her first catch on 03/03/1954 and was able to gross £8821 for the 3014 kits of top quality fish.Originally Posted by Mattrosa from Shipsnostalgia Taken from the times newspaper
one from Saturday, January 14, 1967, in which the Northern Sceptre does a Titanic, but luckily without the tragic consequences.

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Trawler Hits Iceberg In Storm
Reykjavic, Jan 13 – The Grimsby trawler Northern Sceptre was towed in here today after hitting an iceberg on fishing grounds north-west of Iceland.
The 804-ton trawler grounded on the iceberg on Wednesday morning, but was pulled off by the Fleetwood trawler Robert Hewett.
With her rudder and steering out of order and a leak in the boiler room, the Northern Sceptre was towed for two days in stormy weather to the Icelandic capital by the Robert Hewett.
One of the crew of the disabled trawler broke a leg.

Here are the Details

  • GY 297
  • Official No 184919
  • Call Sign MQTQ
  • Yard No 1387
  • 804 GT 291 NT
  • Dimensions 183.4 x 32 x 16.5
  • Engines 3 Cylinder triple expansion 125 hp by Amos & Smith of Hull
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band 

 The Painting Below is from the Steve Farrow Collection and is shown with his kind permission.

In the background you can also see the Northern Foam

 Scrapped 10/1978