Northern Wave GY 184

Northern Wave was built in 1936 in Germany by Deutsche Sch u Mschb Wesermunde for Mac Line Ltd of Fleetwood.
She was transferred to Grimsby in 1937 and sailed with the Northern fleet
She was Requisitioned in 1939 and operated as a minesweeper being returned to owners in 1945
She took part in the following convoys :-BX.104, EN.21/1, HX124,126,133,140,143,147,153,305, JW.51A, OB 295,301,312,322,338,OG 53, ON1,6,11,23,ONS 7, PQ14,QP12,RA 52,RU 106, SC29,41,132, S/MKS 143MK,UR 106,WN30
In August 1944 whilst acting as escort to convoy HXF 305, u 482 began attacking. First was the Empire Heritage going down in 3 minutes. Because of the sudden attack there was quite a lot of confusion which resulted in the rescue ship Pinto being sent in the wrong direction. After realising the mistake she made for the correct area and whilst taking on survivors she too was attacked and went down in under 2 minutes. The Northern Wave was close by at the time of the attack and now took over the role of rescue ship, whilst the other ships hunted the sub and tried to protect her.
The Northern Wave was able to rescue a total of 107 survivors, She was ordered to take the survivors to Londonderry arriving later the same day.
01/11/1944 saw the Northern Wave on passage to Falmouth when she detected the presence of a submerged submarine in 38 fathoms, there was a large convoy approaching, she altered course to keep out of its path. The Northern Wave hoisted its contact signal warning the lead American Destroyer escort and carried out 4 depth charge attacks, Unfortunately without success. Later it was learned from the U Boat assessment Committee that U 978 was indeed present on that day and was unable to carry out his attack on the convoy, it was also decided that at least 2 of the depth charge attacks were actually on known wrecks and not on the submarine.

After the war she was one of the first to experiment in freezing the fish whilst still at sea.
From shipsnostalgia mattrossa posted
Tuesday, Jan 24, 1956
Quick-Freezing Fish At Sea Trawler’s Successful Experiment
Grimsby, Jan 23 – A successful experiment, designed to bring uniformity in the quality of fish landed at British fishing ports by quick-freezing the early catches at sea, has been carried out by the Grimsby trawler Northern Wave. The experiment is being sponsored by the White Fish Authority, the Government, and the Distant Water Fishing Vessel Owners’ Development Committee.
Equipped with special plant the Northern Wave, which left Grimsby on December 31, has returned from her maiden voyage with a catch of 23,500 stone. Of this 5,000 stone was quick-frozen while the vessel was on the Norwegian fishing grounds. The unfrozen part of her cargo was sold in the normal way on Grimsby market today, and that which had been quick-frozen was distributed among firms taking part in the experiment. It will be thawed out and dispatched to inland dealers who will later report on the reaction of their customers.

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Here are the Details 

  • Official Number 164712
  • Yard Number 547
  • Call Sign GYZC
  • GT 655 NT 238
  • Dimensions 188.1 x 28.1 x 15.5
  • Foc’sle 31′
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band¬†

 Scrapped at Dunston in 1963