Ogano GY 69

Ogano Built 22/08/1917 by Cook Welton & Gemmell as a Non Standard Castle Class Trawler Ordered by Hull Northern Fishing Co Ltd, Purchased by the Admiralty whilst on the stocks
Original Name Hugh Black
1919 Registered as LO 460
1923 Sold to Hull Northern Fishing Co Renamed MacBeth H 827
06/04/1929 went to Diamond Steam Fishing Co Grimsby Renamed Ogano GY 69
1939 went to St Andrews Steam Fishing Co Hull
28/05/1940 Requisitioned as a minesweeper
24/11/1944 Returned
26/01/1945 went to Ogano Steam Fishing Co Grimsby
24/04/1950 whilst steaming towards Sydisfjord to land an Injured crewman she became stranded on Brokur Reef near Eystrahorn South East Coast of Iceland
Refloated but leaking heavily she was beached and abandoned at Stodvarfjordr
During the incident the Trawler Lombard GY 478 stood by and all crew were rescued

Her details are

  • Official Number 144294
  • Yard Number 340J
  • Admiralty Number FY 803
  • GT 265 NT 107
  • Dimensions 125.0 x 22.0 x 12.8
  • Quarter Deck 66 Foc’sle 16
  • Engines Amos & Smith 480 ihp 10.5 knots

24/04/1950 Stranded Brokur Reef South Coast of Iceland