Osako GY 600

Osako Built 12/11/1958 Cochranes of Selby for Diamonds Steam Fishing Co Grimsby
13/11/1958 Registered as GY 600
01/1981 Laid up Surveys overdue
18/01/1982 Registry Closed “as Sold to Kuwait”
1982 Sold to George Crutwell & George Shotton Tyneside for breaking up as due to previous sale not being completed
1983 Sold to CPA Salvage Bromley Kent used to recover electrical cables in the Solent
04/01/1984 Converted for Salvage work
22/11/1984 Sold to Offshore marine Salvage Guernsey
04/1985 Sold by order of the Admiralty Marshal at Ipswich to Joe O’Connor Plymouth on behalf of Anglo Spanish Interests
Restored to a fishing vessel
22/01/1986 Sold to Lasin Cork Irish Republic C 70
26/02/1991 Foundered whilst on Outward bound from Vigo Spain
All Crew rescued

Her details are

  • Official Number 168604
  • Yard Number 1432
  • GT 325 NT 122
  • Dimensions 128 x 26 x 11.5
  • Engines Mirrlees 736 bhp 7 cyl 13.0 knots

03/1991 Cork Registry Closed