Reformo GY 1101

The REFORMO was originally named WINDSOR CASTLE built by Dundee Ship Building Co of Dundee on 03/1899
She was built for Castle Line Steam Fishing Co Grimsby Registered as GY 1101
03/1908 was went to Denmark and was renamed the DANNEBROG
She returned 10/1911 and went to T W Baskcomb and renamed the MOLLMAWK Registered as GY 654
05/1914 She went to Bianco Trading Co Grimsby
09/1916 went to Record Steam Fishing Co
11/1916 went to RD Clarke
06/1917 went to G F Sleight 
1919 renamed REFORMO
11/1934 went to Aberdeen
1953 owned by Ailsa Craig Fishing Co Aberdeen Registry A 224
1956 owned by Filey United Steam Trawling Co Class withdrawn
1959 still fishing 

Her details are 

  • Official No 110869
  • 241 GT 94 NT
  • Dimensions 119.3 x 22.1 x 11.6
  • Quarter deck 66′ Foc’sle 19′
  • Call Sign MCWJ
  • Engines by Cooper & Greig Dundee