Refundo GY 1063

REFUNDO was built by Cook Welton & Gemmel on 27/11/1916 for G F Sleight Grimsby.
She was Requisitioned 07/1917 by the Royal Navy and converted to a Bomb Thrower / Antisubmarine Vessel,
She was fitted out with Hydrophonic Listening equipment, Also serving as a minesweeper
She was returned to the owners in 1920
06/1927 went to R L Humphreys Grimsby
17/11/1933 She went to Sleight & Humphrey Grimsby
Requisitioned 11/1939 she was Requisitioned by the Royal Navy as a minesweeper
1940 she was fitted out as a trials ship with a “Bucket” an electric hammer device designed to detonate acoustic mines at a range of approx 1 mile
18/12/1940 she detonated a mine under her bow killing 2 of the crew whilst testing the equipment, taken in tow but sank West of the Beach End Buoy, 2 crew were lost whilst serving with the 117th minesweeper group based at Harwich

Artcle written 06/09/1938 in the Guardian

Her details are

  • Official number 139953
  • Yard number 360
  • Adm No 3053 / Pennant No FY 830
  • Armament 1 x 6pdrAA 1 x 7.5″ Bomb thrower
  • 258 GT 113 NT
  • Dimensions 120.5 x 22 x 12.2
  • Quarter deck 67′
  • Engines by C D Holmes 80 NHP 10.5 Knots

18/12/1940 Mined off Harwich whilst in Admiralty Service