Remillo GY 852

Remillo Built 21/04/1917 Cook Welton & Gemmell for G F Sleight But was purchased by the Admiralty whilst on Stocks as a non standard Castle Class 
Named Robert Betson 
Registered by the Admiralty as a Trawler 1919
01/1920 Returned to Owners and registered as GY 13 Renamed Remillo
04/1920 Reregistered as GY 852
11/1933 Sold to G F Sleight & R L Humphreys
04/1940 Requisitioned by the Royal Navy as a Dan Layer
09/1940 Converted to a Auxiliary Patrol Vessel Based at Grimsby

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRankBoat
JACKSONHENRY JOELUnkown27/02/1941Signalman Remillo
COLLIERVINCENTUnknown27/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
HUIJERPIETUnknown27/02/1941Second Hand Remillo.
CROCKERWILLIAM JOHN3127/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
DIGNANTHOMAS2627/02/1941Stoker 2nd Class Remillo.
FEENEYJAMES WILLIAM3427/02/1941Stoker Remillo.
KEEBLEKENNETH WILLIAM2827/02/1941Ordinary Seaman Remillo.
PALMERALBERT GEORGE THOMAS2327/02/1941Ordinary Telegraphist Remillo
BEGGARTHUR4627/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
ROBERTSONJOHN WILLIAM3111/10/1940Seaman Remillo.
GRUNDYCLIFFORDUnknown27/02/1941Engineman Remillo.
JARVISHERBERT HENRY3627/02/1941Skipper Remillo
BAMPTONCLIFFORD JOSEPH2527/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
STEWARTPATRICKUnknown27/02/1941Engineman Remillo.
TAYLORHARRY2927/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
RENDALLJACKUnknown27/02/1941Seaman Remillo.
CRAGTHOMAS HAROLDUnknown27/02/1941Leading Seaman Remillo.
SHAULHENRY HERBERTUnknown27/02/1941Seaman Remillo.

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 143803
  • Yard Number 364
  • Admiralty Number FY 3601 
  • Armament 1 x 3pdr
  • 266 GT 105 NT
  • Dimensions 125.2 x 22 x 12.2
  • Quarter Deck 67′ Foc’sle 19′
  • Engines by Amos & Smith 80 NHP 10.5 Knots

27/02/1941 Vessel sunk by Mine in the River Humber 1.76 miles West 1/2 North of Spurn Point Light House