Resono GY 508

Resono Built 04/1910 Cook Welton & Gemmell for G F Sleight 
01/1915 Requisitioned as auxiliary patrol vessel26/12/1915 North Sea  Lt RNR Skipper Peter Burgon RNR one of two naval vessels mined on same day in field laid by UC.5 Herbert Putkuchen ten days earlier Skipper and 12 ratings lost survivors included the captainARNOLD, Howard J, Telegraphist
BARKER, Albert, Engineman
BEAMISH, Ernest J, Trimmer
BEAVAN, William, Deck Hand
BOWLES, Henry, Trimmer
BURGON, Peter, Ty/Skipper
COOK, Daniel R, Engineman
CULLEN, John, 2nd Hand
MCIVER, John, Seaman
NETHERTON, John T, Deck Hand
ORME, Thomas, Able Seaman 
PETERSEN, Joseph W, Trimmer
ROBERTSON, Gilbert, Leading Seaman

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 127856
  • Yard Number 194
  • Admiralty Number FY 1042
  • GT 230 NT 105
  • Dimensions 117.3 x 22 x 11.7
  • Quarter Deck 59′ Foc’sle 18′
  • Engines 3 cylinders of 12 1/4, 22 and 35 x 24 inches 63 RHP by C.D. Holmes Co. Ltd 10 knots

Mined 26/12/1915 Sank near Sunk LV off Harwich 51.50.54N 01.38.09E whilst in Admiralty Service