Rondo GY 528

Rondo built 01/08/1893 Cochrane & Cooper of Beverley for G F Sleight
11/1914 Requisitioned converted to an Armed Patrol Vessel
03/03/1915 Shetlands F Harlow Captain
Stranded on Unicorn Rocks Tingwall Shetland Islands at 20:15 position unknown but quotes 60.20N 01.15W bow held by rocks flooded rapidly and sank by the stern crew stood by for an hour before leaving in a boat No lives lost

Her details are 

  • Official number 99707
  • Yard number 92
  • Admiralty Number FY 666
  • 117 GT 36 NT
  • Dimensions 88.4 x 20.1 x 10.7
  • Quarter Deck 17′

03/03/1915 Stranded and wrecked Shetlands whilst in Admiralty Service