Ross Cheetah GY 614

Ross Cheetah GY 614 was built on 22/06/1959 by Cochranes of Selby for Yorkshire Trawlers being completed on 11/1959.
04/1962 she went to G F Sleight of Grimsby , staying with the company until 10/1967 when she went to Ross Trawlers.
Later being sold on to British United Trawlers 11/1969
09/1985 she was no longer fishing but had been converted into a rig stand by vessel
This resulted in being Renamed Cam Cheetah
In 2000 she was renamed Rio Congo.

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Her Details are 

  • Official No 301819 
  • Yard Number 1443
  • 354 GT 116 Nt
  • Dimensions 127.5 x 26.5 x 13
  • Quarter deck of 67′ and a Foc’sle of 24′