Ross Revenge GY 718

Ross Revenge was originally named Freyer, Iceland built 1960 at Bremerhaven by A.G Weser Werk Seebeck 
09/1963 she went to Ross Trawlers and was renamed Ross Revenge GY 718
07/1979 she was reported as no longer fishing

The painting was kindly given by David Ward, For more details on the Ross Revenge please click Here or for Radio Caroline click Here 
When she finished Fishing she became famous as the Radio ship Radio Caroline

Her details are

  • Official Number 304794
  • Yard Number 868
  • Call Sign GMIU
  • GT 978 NT 428
  • Dimensions 216.8 x 33.8 x 18
  • Foc’sle 44′
  • Engines 2050 HP