Wellard GY 300

Wellard Built for Earl Steam Fishing Co by Cook Welton & Gemmel
Original Name EL Capitan GY 450
07/1938 went to Crampins Steam Fishing Co
10/1939 Requisitioned as A/S Name unchanged
Joined the 21st A/S Strike Group, Took part in the Norwegian Campaign
02/1942 Loaned to USN
10/1942 Returned and was transferred to the South African Station.
1945 Returned
1946 Acquired by Crampins registered as GY 300
My Grandfather sailed on the Wellard for 3 months in 1946 as a deck hand,before being reunited with her in 1950
20/04/1950 to 18/09/1950 Signed on as a 3rd hand  
25/01/1951 His next trip with the Wellard signed on again as 3rd hand until 16/05/1951
06/12/1951 but as a deck hand until 24/04/1952
18/05/1952 His last time with the vessel until 11/10/1952 again as deck hand 

Photo by kind donation from the Steve Farrow Collection
The Wellard Leaving Port 

Her Details Are

  • Official Number
  • Dimensions 173 X 28.6 X 14.6
  • Quarter deck 89′ Fo’scle of 37′
  • Engines 135 NHP, Triple Cylinder 15″, 25″ & 42″ x 27″
  • Boiler 1 SB 220lb Spt, Producing 12.8 Knots by Amos & Smith.
  • Funnel yellow C on Blue band between yellow and black top
  • Hull black with white line red boot topping