MacLeay GY 1113

Macleay Built 1913 Cochrane & Sons Selby for the Neptune Steam Fishing Co Ltd Hull
08/1914 Requisitioned as a minesweeper 
04/1918 Bought by Rushworth Steam Fishing 
1919 Returned
07/1923 Acquired by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Grimsby
09/1927 Registered to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd Grimsby
29/10/1934 During a savage storm the Macleay was driven onto the rocks near Seydisfjord Iceland
Her S.O.S was answered by trawlers in the area which included the Alafoss and Akranes but because of the heavy seas they could not get near to the stricken vessel to effect a rescue 
30/10/1934 As dawn broke a rescue attempt by the Icelandic patrol boats Birkir and Garda was set up Lines were fired onto the Macleay and a breeches buoy was quickly set up
All of the crew were safely ashore by noon 31/10/1934 Fears for the crew of the Macleay were set at rest today when a message to her owners said that the men had been rescued and had taken to Nordfjord Iceland 01/02/1935 The Macleay was reported to have now completely broken up. Only her boiler remained on the spot where she ran ashore 

Her details are

  • Official Number 136163
  • Yard Number 568 
  • Call Sign JDQL 
  • GT 317 NT 127 
  • Dimensions 135.2 x 23.5 x 12.5 
  • Quarter deck 74 Foc’sle 21 
  • Engines by C.D Holmes & Co Ltd cylinders 13″ 23″ and 37″ x 24″ stroke 83rhp 

29/10/1934 Stranded near Mjoafjord Iceland