Agamemnon GY 187

Agamemnon built 20/09/1906 Cochranes of Selby for Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Company Grimsby 08/1914 Hired by the Royal Navy and converted to a Minesweeper 21/10/1914 Deck Hand Edward H Marshall RNR Died 15/02/1915 Renamed Agamemnon II Harwich-based Skipper Frederick Sibley RNR With other Harwich sweepers clearing minefield discovered that morning and in fact laid that morning by UC.1 Lt-Cdr Hugh Archer of HMS Actaeon Sheerness Torpedo School embarked and in command of operation Recovering sweep when a mine fouling the wire was pulled into the ship and exploded sank off the Shipwash Sands off Orford NessTotal crew lost 9

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 123598
  • Yard Number 383
  • Admiralty Number 19
  • 225 GT 106 NT
  • Quarter Deck 66′ Foc’sle 18′
  • Dimensions 117.2 x 22 x 11.6
  • Engines 3 cylinder triple expansion

15/07/1915 she was sunk after detonating a mine off Shipwash Light Vessel 51,57 N 01,36’45 E. The mine was laid by UC 1 commanded by Egon Von Werner Registry closed 24/08/1915