Alberta GY 212

Alberta built 01/1907 by Smiths dock North Shields owned by Dominion Steam fishing Co
First registered 01/1907
08/1914 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper 14/04/1916 North Sea The Humber minefield laid in 08/1914 had continued to exist although parts of it were swept in the spring and early summer of 1916 two Grimsby hired trawlers were lost while sweeping this “large enemy minefield” sinking off Grimsby 53.45N, 00.51E and 53.35N, 00.00 The mines had been laid by UC.7 George Haag
Skipper James Sargent DSC RNR with sweeping mate Orcades went alongside but she too was blown up
7 ratings lost 
BEARD Robert Trimmer RNR
DURRANT Charles Cook RNR
GIBSON Robert A Deck Hand RNR
HAMMOND John A Engineman RNR
HORN Percy A Engineman RNR
STRATFORD Sidney Petty Officer 
WRIGHT Ernest Deck Hand RNR

Her Details are

  • Official Number 125045
  • Admiralty number 7
  • GT 209 NT 98
  • Dimensions 115.6 x 21.6 x 11.2
  • Quarter deck 64′ Foc’sle 19

Mined 14/04/1916 off Grimsby in the Humber whilst in Admiralty Service