Carency GY 956

Carency Built 20/04/1916 Cook Welton & Gemmell Beverley for Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
12/1916 Requisitioned as a minesweeper 
14/12/1916 Sold to the Beacon Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby 
19/02/1918 Sold to the Great Northern Steam Ship Fishing Co Ltd Hull registered as H 611 
1918 Bought by the Star Steam Trawling Co Ltd Hull 
1919 Returned to owners 
1921 Sold to the South Western Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby registered as GY 46 
1924 Bought again by the Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd 
1938 Sold to W. M. M. Curtis & McCabe Dublin registered as D 119
08/1939 Sold to the Admiralty as an anti-submarine trawler and examination vessel 
1947 Returned to owners 
1947 Bought by W. Wood Aberdeen registered as A 129 

Shown Here as GY 46

Her Details are

  • Official Number 138981
  • Yard Number 340A 
  • GT 233 NT 108 
  • Admiralty Number 2984 FY 295
  • Armament 1-6pdr AA
  • Dimensions 117 x 22 x 12.7 
  • Quarter deck 61 Foc’sle 16 
  • Engines Great Central Engineering 70 NHP 10¼ knots 

Stranded in thick fog at Noss Head Greenigoe one mile north of Wick The Gilmar A 300 came to her aid and took off all of the crew The Gilmar then attempted to pull the stranded vessel free but only succeeded in moving her 20 feet
Two hours later the Carency slipped off the rocks and sank 28/06/1957