Craddock GY 263

Craddock Built
Origianlley Named Admiral Drake H273 Hull
20/4/1936 C H Smith & Co Ltd Hull
29/7/1938 Went to Chaleson-Smith Trawlers Ltd Hull
5/10/1939 Renamed as Stella Canopus H273
Requisitioned as an anti submarine trawler fitted with Asdic
Based at Granton with 38th A/S Group
05/1945 Operation Pledge At Loch Eriboll with surrendered U-Boats
12/11/1945 Returned
16/4/1946 Went to Trawlers Grimsby Ltd
19/6/1946 Renamed as Cradock GY 263
10/5/1952 sold to Thomas Ross Ltd
12/4/1954 sold to Derwent Trawlers
26/4/1954 sold to Chaleson- Smith

Her Details are

  • Official Number
  • Admiralty Number FY 248
  • Armament 1-4″ AA