Earl Howard GY 332

Earl Howard Built 10/1914 Cook Welton & Gemmell for Earl Steam Fishing Co
11/12/1914 Vessel Posted as Missing
Lost with all Hands, presumed Mined North east of Spurn Head

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRank Boat
ROBERTSGEORGE HENRY3911/12/1914StewardEarl Howard   
FREEMANJAMES HERBERT2111/12/1914Fourth HandEarl Howard
WELCH4711/12/1914First EngineerEarl Howard
FREEMANJOHN WILLIAM5311/12/1914SkipperEarl Howard   
DUFFINALBERT EDWARD3211/12/1914MateEarl Howard   
SMITH4911/12/1914Third HandEarl Howard   
GUYMERERNEST JAMES4011/12/1914Fourth HandEarl Howard   
COMMACKWILLIAM THOMAS3011/12/1914Second EngineerEarl Howard
WHITEFREDERICK WILLIAM2911/12/1914TrimmerEarl Howard

Her Details are

  • Official Number 137009
  • Yard Number 305
  • Gt 226 NT 113
  • Dimensions 117.0 x 22.0 x 12.7
  • Quarter Deck 61
  • Engines C.D.Holmes 75nhp 10.0 Knots

11/12/1915 Mined in the North Sea