Earl Lennox GY 367

Earl Lennox built 1914 Cook Welton & Gemmell Beverley for Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
04/1915 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper Renamed Erling TN 258 later Earl Lennox
1915 Sold to the Strand Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
23/10/1917 off SW Scotland Skipper George William Taylor RNR Escorting ammunition carrier Dunarea through the Sound of Islay with trawler Davara
Earl Lennox was mined forward at 1300 the mine laid by U 79 Otto Rohrbeck 
She broke up and sank off the entrance to the Sound separating Islay and Jura islands 55.44.30N 06.00W
7 ratings lost
Believing the explosion to be a U-boat attack Davara lowered a boat to assist but continued to escort Dunarea through the Sound
On returning only four survivors had been found 

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankBoat
HARTLEYJOHN FOSTER CRAWFORD2323/10/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
COATESTHOMAS4123/10/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
DALTONOLIVER JAMES5323/10/1917EnginemanH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
BORMANWALTER WILLOUGHBY4023/10/1917EnginemanH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
LUCASWILLIAM THOMAS2123/10/1917TrimmerH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
HUBBARDALBERT1723/10/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”
ELLARBYCHARLES EDWARD5123/10/1917Second HandH.M. Trawler “Earl Lennox.”

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 137014
  • Yard Number 306
  • Admiralty Number 1441
  • Armament 1 6pdr
  • GT 226 NT 109
  • Dimensions 117 x 22 x 12.7
  • Engines Charles D. Holmes 75 NHP 10 knots

 23/10/1917 Mined off enterance to Sound of Islay whilst