Emerald GY 214

Emerald Built 1913 Cochrane & Sons Selby for Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull
04/1919 Sold to Amaranth Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby registered as GY 214
02/1920 Sold to H. Bacon Grimsby
03/1920 Bought by Trawlers White Sea & Grimsby Grimsby
03/1922 Renamed Campina 
11/1927 Bought by the Crampin Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
10/1933 Sold to G. Dixon Grimsby 
03/1937 Sold to A. Smith Grimsby 
12/1938 Bought by the Vinur Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby 

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankBoat
CALVERTWILLIAM2322/07/1940Deck HandH.M. Trawler Campina
WEBBALFRED3822/07/1940FiremanH.M. Trawler Campina
WILSONJOHN4522/07/1940CookH.M. Trawler Campina
GALVINJOHN5222/07/1940Second EnginemanH.M. Trawler Campina
NALDERJOHN WILLIAM4422/07/1940FiremanH.M. Trawler Campina
INCHALBERT6122/07/1940First EnginemanH.M. Trawler Campina
BROWNWILLIAM4522/06/1940Third HandH.M. Trawler Campina
BROOKESHERBERT2622/07/1940TrimmerH.M. Trawler Campina
ROWLANDSROBERT4822/07/1940Deck HandH.M. Trawler Campina
WELLBURNFRED6022/07/1940SkipperH.M. Trawler Campina
GOODLESLIE3422/07/1940TrimmerH.M. Trawler Campina

Her Details are

  • Official Number 133433 
  • Yard Number 555 
  • GT 289 NT 115 
  • Dimensions 133.4 x 23 x 12.2 
  • Quarter deck 73 Foc’sle 20 

Sank after hitting a mine off Holyhead whilst on Admiralty service 22/07/1940