Northern Gift GY 704

Northern Gift was Built 1962 by Cook, Welton & Gemmel of Beverly for British United Trawlers (BUT)
18/12/1980 Bought by the Dagon Fishing Co Ltd Lowestoft 
1980/81 Renamed as St. Davids and converted as an Oil Rig Support Vessel 
1987 Sold for scrap to Liguria Maritime Ltd Given registration number LT 90 
Funnel Colours Blue with black top and blue letters B U T between wavy blue lines on white band 
The vessel was purchased by Dagon Fishing Co Lowestoft 
In 1981 she was renamed ST. DAVIDS and converted to a rig stand by vessel 

The vessel was sold to Liguria Maritime Ltd for scrapping in 1987 registratered LT 90 

Here are the details 

  • Official No 304780
  • Yard No 982
  • 576 GT 194 NT
  • Call Sign GJTJ
  • Dimensions 166.5 x 30.5 x 16.30
  • Foc’sle 28′
  • The Engines 8 cylinder 1400 hp Mirlees bickerton & day with a speed of 14 knots

She left Lowestoft 28/09/1987 for the breakers being towed by the CAICOS