Rechab GY 704

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Northern Gift GY 704

Northern Gift was Built 1962 by Cook, Welton & Gemmel of Beverly for Northern Trawlers Ltd Grimsby
15/05/1974 Whilst outward bound for Iceland in thick Fog she was involved in a collision with a German freighter Brook near Bull Light Vessel.
With the trawler badly holed and in danger of sinking the crew were taken off aboard the pilot cutter Captain Holmes
The Ross Khartoum GY 120 took the Boat in Tow but it was clear she would not make it back to Grimsby so she was beached at Spurn Bight near the Humber Lifeboat station
20/05/1974 She was refloated and returned to Grimsby for repairs
18/12/1980 Bought by the Dagon Fishing Co Ltd Lowestoft  Renamed St. Davids LT 90 converted as an Oil Rig Support Vessel 
1987 Vessel sold for Scrap

The vessel was sold to Liguria Maritime Ltd for scrapping in 1987 registered as LT 90 

Here are the details 

  • Official Number 304780
  • Yard Number 982
  • Call Sign GJTJ
  • GT 576 NT 194
  • Dimensions 166.5 x 30.5 x 16.30
  • Foc’sle 28′
  • Engines 8 cylinder 1400 hp Mirlees Bickerton & Day 14 knots

Left Lowestoft 28/09/1987 for the breakers being towed by CAICOS


Edwardian GY 704

Edwardian built 1912 Cook Welton & Gemmell Beverley for Loyal Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby
04/1915 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper and bomb thrower 1919 Returned  21/03/1930 Driven ashore in a blizzard and stranded near Myrar Dyra Fjord North Iceland All 12 crew took to the lifeboat drifted some 50 miles before landing at Sandgerdi southern Faxafloi Iceland One crewman died of exposure The gunboat Aegir went to the trawler’s assistance and searched for the crew but by this time they had already reached safety

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 132135
  • Yard Number 241
  • Admiralty Number FY 1453
  • Armament 1-12pdr 1-7.5in Bomb Thrower
  • GT 295 NT 121
  • Dimensions 130 x 23 x 12.2
  • Quarter Deck 72 
  • Engines Amos & Smith 89 NHP 10½ knots

21/03/1930 Driven ashore in a blizzard and stranded near Myrar Dyra Fjord North Iceland