Northern Jewel GY 1

This vessel was built 06/1954 by Cochranes of Selby for Northerns.
She is only the 3rd vessel to ever carry GY1 the others being EMU 11/1895 – 04/1930, Framlingham 1944 – 1952, Not Counting the 2 vessels which where not exactly large Craft
TWO BROTHERS 15/03/1848 – 12/1867 9 Tons owned by Mr Croft
AELLO 02/1869 – 11/1889 Owned by H Morris (G Atkins) originally GY 291

Her details are 
Official No 184920, 
GT 799 NT 313,
Dimensions 182.5′ x 32′ x 17′ with a Foc’sle of 33′
Engines Triple cylinder 16.5″, 28.5″ & 47″ x 30″ by Amos & Smith of Hull,
the Boiler was 1 SB 225lb Spt, 12 Knots
Yard No 1366 
Her call sign was GRNN.
Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band. 

The painting is by Steve Farrow from his collection of Trawlers.
The Northern jewel was originally Copanes and sailed for Rinovia Steam Fishing Co but was purchased by Northerns.
Her Skipper on the Maiden Voyage was W Wood staying with her for the following 5 years
During one incident she was caught fishing inside the Icelandic 6 mile limit whilst being skippered by M Smith, She was spotted by the Icelandic gunboat ODINN and they decided to make a run for it, but were soon caught.
The vessel was taken to Sessdisfjoerdur and fined £6000.00 along with the confiscation of the fishing gear.
On their return to port the skipper was sacked.
BUT who were now running the Northern fleet, laid her up along with nine other ships due to the decline in the industry. 

Photo supplied by Photomarine collection

She was eventually Scrapped 19/02/1976