Northern Pride GY 169

Northern Pride built in Germany by Deschimag Seebeck Bremerhaven for Mac Line Ltd of Fleetwood LO 104
Being one of 15 ships for the reparation program
1937 she was transferred to Grimsby with the Northern Fleet
During her time there was 1 casualty Bernard Howlett 15/06/1937
08/1939 Requisitioned as an A/S Trawler
She was based at Milford Haven before joining the Northern Patrol based up at Kirkwall the 11th A/S Strike Force
1941 she took part in the Norwegian campaign

During a patrol in the Atlantic off the West Coast of Ireland she was attacked by the Italian Submarine Bagnolini firing multiple Torpedoes Luckily all missed
In the same year she was moved to the Russian Convoys escorting merchant ships to Murmansk
06/1944 She was with the Solent Force J15 an Escort vessel for the D-Day Landings
Arriving 06/06 at Juno Beach
Later on 23rd she saw action again but this time it was against the German E boats
During the final years of the conflict she was used mainly as an Ocean Transport vessel

11/1945 Returned back to the owners and reverted to a Trawler
The alterations were carried out at Liverpool
1946 Registry was changed to GY 169

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Here are the Details

  • Official Number 164667
  • Yard Number 545
  • Call Sign GYYC
  • Admiralty Number FY 105
  • Armament 1 x 4″, 2 x 0.303″, LMG 2 x 1, 2 x 0.5″ VMG 1 x 2 
  • GT 620 NT 254 During the war GT 655 NT 243
  • Dimensions 188.1 x 28.1 x 15.5
  • Engines 1000 hp 16 Knots
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band

 The vessel being finally scrapped in 1964 at Gateshead