Northern Reward GY 431

Northern Reward went to Fleetwood as a new vessel having been built in Germany by Deusche A & M Ag Seebeck She came to Grimsby in 1937 and operated under Northerns colours.

Photo supplied by The Bosuns Watch, Fleetwood Trawlers

12/1946 Registered as GY 431 
1939 Requisitioned as an Armed Boarding vessel as well as an anti-submarine Trawler
23/03/1940 Whilst on contraband control between Iceland and the UK she spotted U 38 on the surface. She opened up with her 4″ gun and gave chase but the submarine escaped without too much difficulty by using her superior surface speed.
Later 10/11/1944 the Northern Reward was in 38 Fathoms escorting a small convoy UR 142 to Reykjavik when the convoy was attacked by U 300, she was an updated version of the standard attack Submarine, Type VII-C/41 commanded by Fritz Hein, she was on her second patrol. During the attack the Northern Reward and the Royal Norwegian Trawler Honningsvaag detected the sub and attacked her with depth charges, but were unsuccessful.
She had 1 casualty 12/4/1937 – James Robinson

Sold to Iceland in 03/1947 and Renamed VARDUR II
Her Details are

  • Official No 165357
  • Built 1936
  • Gt 620 NT 243
  • Length 188.1 x 28.1 x 15.5
  • Foc’sle 31′
  • Funnel Grey with black top separated by white band

The vessel was Lost in 1950