Northern Reward GY 694

Northern Reward built 20/07/1962 Cook, Welton and Gemmel for Northern Trawlers Ltd Grimsby
06/1971 Sold to Ross Trawlers Ltd Grimsby
01/02/1981 Sold to Colne Shipping Co Ltd Lowestoft renamed St. Elizabeth
Converted to a rig stand by Vessel
1995 Sold to Bristow Investments Lowestoft
1996 Sold to Charford Shipping IV Ltd Lowestoft
1999 Sold back to Bristow Investments Lowestoft Still in Service
My Father sailed on her for a while as 2nd Engineer.

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Her Details are

  • Official Number 303299 
  • Yard Number 980
  • GT 576 NT 194
  • Dimensions 166.5′ x 30.5′ x 16.3′
  • Engines by Mirrlees Bickerton & Day 1400 BHP 14 Knots 
  • Funnel Blue with Black top and Blue letters BUT between Wavy Blue lines on white band  

 The vessel was still in service in 1999