Northern Sky GY 25

The Northern Sky was built in 09/1956 by Rickmers Werft Bremerhaven as the Statham for Crampin Steam Fishing Co
11/1965 Renamed Ross Repulse still owned by Crampins
10/1967 she went to Hudson Trawlers Hull
04/1968 She went to Northern’s
05/1968 She was Renamed Northern Sky

Here are the Details

  • Official Number 184944
  • Call Sign GVKM
  • Dimensions 189.5 x 31.1 x 14
  • Foc’sle 38′
  • GT 701 NT 240
  • Funnel Colours Blue with black top and Blue letters B U T between wavy blue lines on a white band

She was finally scrapped 12/1976