Northern Sky GY 427

Northern Sky built 1936 Deusche A & M Ag at Seebeck for Mac Line Ltd of Fleetwood LO 162
The Northern Sky was only one of 15 sister vessels built in Germany as part of the repatriation from WW1. All of which were owned by the Lever Bros.
She was transferred to Grimsby in 1937 and operated with Northern trawlers
Requisitioned 1939 and operated as an ABV and an A/S trawler being returned to the owners in 1945
1946 she was registered as GY 427

Shown here as LO 162

Here are the Details

  • Official Number 165343
  • Yard Number 552
  • Call Sign GYYY
  • GT 620 NT 239
  • Dimensions 188.1 x 28.1 x 15.5
  • Engines 1000 hp
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band

Scrapped in 1964